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Commercial Cleaners of Colorado

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We are Denver’s trusted team in keeping businesses clean, safe, and inviting. We specialize in industrial-scale cleaning of restaurants, health clubs, office buildings, exterior areas, and can accommodate any space where you want your business to shine.

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Cleaning Process

CCC employs industry-standard equipment with a continuous focus on balancing effective techniques and sustainable practices. We strive to put employee and consumers’ mind’s at ease by cleaning and sanitizing common surfaces—especially the commonly overlooked areas. Sometimes the little steps and focus to detail can make all the difference.


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Services offered

Back and Front of house complete restaurant cleaning, power washing sidewalks, courtyards, and any exterior common areas; fully service office buildings (including complete cleanings, stocking supplies, and routine sanitation), health clubs and gyms (including equipment cleaning and sanitation, restrooms, glass surfaces, etc.; beauty and body modification businesses (complete cleaning/sanitation) and regular upkeep of all retail spaces. Post construction cleaning, and carpet cleaning.

Restaurant Cleaning

Office Buildings

Health Clubs / Gyms

Beauty Salons


What sets us apart?

Services were Greatly appreciated. Their professionalism, their patience, all are top of the line, I worked with them from a distance, but I was assured that everything would be OK. They were understanding of my stress in wanting to getting the task done. My God was I ever pleased. I kept their information for future references 🙂 Thank you Commercial Cleaners of Colorado, Your Services are A1 and much appreciated.

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CCC is here to help with all your commercial cleaning needs. Can't find what you're looking for? Reach out to us any time, we're happy to answer any of your questions.

We will clean as often is needed, which may mean daily, weekly, monthly or just once.